Half Hour Bunting

July 27, 2010

I had promised a friend that I would make some bunting for her son’s 3rd birthday party, obviously I left it till the last minute but managed to knock this up in about half and hour on my sewing machine. I made it double sided so it looks good if its hung away from a wall/fence/other surface and there is no fiddly hemming to do. I made my pattern from a piece of A4 folded in half lengthways and cut to a shorter length isosceles triangle. (I think about 25cm long), it just looked like the right proportions for the flags. I used fabrics from my hoard of recycled bits a bobs – mostly bed linens and curtains plus an old shirt I bought in the charity shop for £3. The pink gingham was bought to use as a tablecloth for my daughters’ christening. I did buy the fabric tape on ebay, I have used bias binding for this before as it comes in such jolly colours however this cream stuff was cheaper and it turns out easier to work with. I cut out the flags as per my pattern, 3 out of each fabric, then sewed the two long sides with the wrong sides together then turned them inside out using my sewing scissors to push the ‘noses’ to a point and ironed them flat, then folded the tape in half and sewed it together for 30cms for the leader on the bunting to tie it up with, then sandwiched the un-sewed side of on the the flags into the fold of the tape and sewed straight through it. Continuing to add flags every 7cms -ish, I used the width of the sewing surface on my machine as a measure, until I ran out of flags then sewed another 30coms of folded tape for the end. Job done and it looks pretty good, if a little feminine for a boys birthday party, unfortunately my hoard does not include much dinosaur fabric, maybe I’ll start looking out for some in the charity shops.