June 14, 2010

Martha was pretty keen this year to grow strawberries (after she saw peppa pig do it!).  I have tried to grow them before, but the slugs got them, so this year we bought some cheapy plastic window box type pots from wilko’s to raise them up a bit, and to jolly them up a bit I sprayed them with some leftover plasticote (in an orangy red – not dis-similar to their original colour, but it was all I had knocking about) then Martha and I finger painted the flowers on them with acrylic paint.   To be fair those are mostly my fat fingers, Martha did the middle dots on the flowers and some of the more swirly embellishments.

The late frost this year got the seeds we planted so I cheated and bought plants, but we are the only people I know with a crop this early even the PYOs are not ready yet, but we have had a few handfuls of the ripe ones already and they are delicious. Martha is very proud of her green fingers.