We are really, very lucky to live so close to Windsor, for its great Great Park and all the wide open space and greenery. Another jolly day out for Martha is going to “see the soldiers”, as they change the guard at the castle. For those who don’t know, the daily guard change happens at 11am. To “see the soldiers” for free (without going inside the castle), you can watch them march from the barracks to the castle – just before 11, and watch the old guard march back again- just after, they are usually accompanied by a full marching band for extra theatrics.

We went a couple of weeks ago, and then had lunch in Windsor as a treat, although a picnic on the ‘Long Walk’ is usually what follows. Martha loves the build up, we usually try to get a seat on the benches outside the castle opposite the statue of Queen Victoria so we can hear them coming up the hill. This last visit we were treated to the Star Wars theme.