February 20, 2011

We recently updated the gels at work, I rescued this pink from the bin. As soon as Martha spotted it she put it over her eyes to look through it which gave me the idea to make it into glasses. I saved an empty cereal packet and used an existing pair of kids sunglasses to cut out a few basic shapes for the frames and arms. I cut two of each frame design. and cut some pieces of the gel to fit each of the designs.

Martha and I then glued the two sides of each frame together with the gel sandwiched in between, with PVA glue and let these dry, then we painted the frames and the arms of all 4 pairs of glasses. When these were dry we decorated them with big sequin shapes and glued on the arms.

Martha is particularly pleased with her princess glasses (the ones with a crown above the two lenses), and the ‘Elton John’ ones are pretty fab too! I don’t suppose they will hold up to excessive playing but were great fun to make.