Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

November 3, 2015

It was Halloween last week, I was not prepared. I had agreed to make this costume before and little girls never forget a promise, so I was reminded of it 2 days before All Hallows’ Eve. 

Fortunately I had a plan and some old t shirts from the 99p charity shop. The base grey dress is an extra large men’s t shirt with the sleeves removed and two new seams to bring it into shape

I used the sleeves from an orange and a teal t shirt and patched them onto the grey base dress, then took the shoulder areas of the orange and a mint green one for the shoulder patches. A large panel of the real t shirt went onto the skirt with an orange patch. It was all a bit mix and match much like Sally herself. 

Then I took a black permanent marker and drew on the stitches around each patch and some patterns on the coloured patches. Some stripes, spots and swirls. I also drew some lines of stitches over an old pair of white tights. 

She also had a pair of stripey socks to go over the tights but she wore her wellies for this picture, which is a shame. 

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