Alice’s Enchanted Garden Party

October 9, 2012


It been 2 months since Alice’s birthday party, so it’s with a fair amount of shame that I am finally getting round to posting about it. 

It had an ‘Enchanted Garden Party’ theme, based on the fact that Alice wanted to be a bee, and her sister wanted to be a butterfly and I guessed that most of her little friends would have a fairy dress/animal costume or flowery party dress to hand. 

At the last moment it nearly didn’t happen, Alice’s big sister brought chicken pox home with her at the end of the school year and Alice got it 10 days before her birthday and really struggled with it, we sent a warning a few days before that although probably un-infectious we didn’t want to be responsible for a chicken pox outbreak, but fortunately most of her friends had had it before, but she was still pretty poorly on the day of the party, poor thing. 

I made the invite with images from graphics fairy. Alice’s bee costume consisted of a birthday tutu, which I made with a pattern/guide from ‘oliver + s little things to sew’ by Liesl Gibson. A stripy ‘queen bee’ t shirt she already had, yellow leggings, some sparkly gold party shoes she already had and a pair of homemade bee’s wings. I made these out of four lengths of about 1m each of galvanized garden wire (from Poundland) a pair of pale turquoise tights (H&M), some similar colour satin ribbon, some iridescent glitter glue (Hobbycraft) and some elastic. I made 4 bee shaped wings out of the wire and stretched the tights over them but cutting each leg into 2 and tying a knot in the open end then pulling them over the wire and stitching them ‘closed’ over the twisted wire ends of the wing shapes. Then getting the 4 wings roughly into position (2 on each side) then wrapped the overlapped twisted wire ends with the satin ribbon. The glitter glue was used to make the pattern on the wings to make it look like the structure of a bee’s wing. The elastic was measured around Alice’s shoulders to her centre back and stitched onto the ribbon.

The garden was decorated with a gazebo (to offer some shade/shelter from the british weather, some colourful blankets, some artificial flowers (Poundland again) cut into individual flowers with the wire stems just stuck into the lawn in bundles and toadstool cushions. I made out of red/beige coloured flat sheets cut into large circles. on the red ones pieces I cut out various sized circles from some iron on t shirt transfer paper (the kind you usually print on first) using coins and lids of jars to make the circles. Then ironed them onto the red toadstool tops. I sewed them together (inside out) on my sewing machine leaving a gap to stuff them with the filling from ‘tesco value’ pillows, then stitched the gap with the raw edges turned in, these we planned to use for ‘musical mushrooms’ but the heavens opened a hour into the festivities and the party was moved inside where we didn’t have the space!

I made her cake with 3 layers of sponge filled with buttercream and strawberry jam, using red and white moulding icing to cover the top to make it another toadstool and then I made 3 small bees to decorate it, with some green spikey ‘grass’ cut out of green moulding icing to cover the bottom. I bought some ready made writing icing to pipe her name which was a bit too transparent, I will make water icing next time, but when it was all covered in cake glitter I think it looked ok, and most importantly it tasted pretty good. I made some pink cupcakes for the birthday tea too, also covered in cake glitter!

It was a shame she was a bit off colour for the party and that the rain put a stop to the fun in the garden, but I think all her friends had a good time nevertheless, and I did get around to posting about it before her  4th birthday!



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