Postcard Greetings Cards

June 26, 2012

I have been making these for years and only thought about posting about them yesterday as I made two birthday cards.
I use postcards that usually come from postcards collections or little postcard books. As it works out very reasonable per card. I like the book covers collections from penguin, puffin and ladybird. Which I got from amazon. The penguin one features classic titles in their signature plain orange top and bottom style. So I tend to pick my friends and family’s favourite books, but the ladybird has a few good ‘how to’ and ‘how it works’ covers, with the lovely retro illustrations from my childhood.
The card blanks with envelopes usually come from ‘the works’ discount bookshops, (who, I notice, now have an online shop) they are 5″x7″ which accommodates most standard postcard sizes. I attach the postcards with photo corners, (I like these brown paper ones from paperchase), so they are not permanently stuck. Which means the recipient can remove them if they wish to send to someone else!
I am not sure whose bright idea was black envelopes, if you don’t have a metallic pen handy how will Mr Postman read the address?



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