Sophie from ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ for World Book Day

March 5, 2012

I have no idea when ‘World Book Day’ is as every school seems to be doing something different every day all through March! But Martha’s School had a dressing up day on Friday. I was reluctant to let her dress up as a disney princess for this one, as they are from films, not books. We settled on the classic ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’  by Judith Kerr, whose beautiful illustrations bring the (slightly surreal) story to life. For Sophie’s costume we needed a blue long sleeve tshirt, a Purple A-line pinafore dress, a big Blue Bow for her hair, paintent black shoes and those pink, blue and white harlequin tights. We had the long sleeve blue tshirt, and paintent black school shoes and I made the purple dress out of a pair of purple ladies vests (size 12) from tesco (£2 each in the clothes sale!), – I detached and sewed the two back panels together, as the front panels had a very low neckline for a 5 year old. She had a pair of white tights and a trip to the local haberdashery supplied the big blue ribbon for her hair and a blue and pink pots of dylon fabric paint. I made two forms for the tights by cutting two pieces of card into long ‘leg’ shapes, about 10cms by 60cms with rounded ends at the ‘feet’, I divided the forms up into squares and drew these on with marker pen. Then stretched the tights over them and spent some time painting in each of the squares with the blue and pink fabric paint. I was trying to be a bit thrifty with the paint and so painted them with as little colour as possible, the bonus of this was that they looked more like the rough colouring in Judith’s original illustrations.

Then as luck would have it the local oxfam had a soft tiger toy in their sale bin for 50p! He even growl’s when you squeeze his tummy. He is obviously much smaller than the huge, greedy tiger from the story but a good prop nevertheless!



10 Responses to “Sophie from ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ for World Book Day”

  1. Jo Says:

    Do you still have these tights? They look marvellous and I’m wondering if I could buy them off you for this Thurs book day. Many thanks

  2. hayley Says:

    Hello! Fab costume! Could you let me know which type of tights you used, please? Were they woolly/ribbed, or the opaque type? I am planning to make some too but not sure which type will work with the fabric paint (am planning to use pens) Thanks very much.

    • mrspeacock1 Says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment! I used thick cotton/wooly non ribbed tights. Not opaques. Pens would work brilliantly, but as with the paint don’t let too much absorb into the fabric to give a more sketchy hand paint finish, I think that’s what made them look like the original pictures. Please let me know how you get on?

  3. Westyk Says:

    Mrs Peacock, thanks so much for posting this! My daughter and I have made some fab tights although we went for more of a block colour look as she was a bit painting happy.

  4. Julia Says:

    Hello Mrs. Peacock, My daughter shall be dressng as Sophie from TTWCTT on World Book Day this coming Thursday. I had managed to sort out the pinafore, blue top, hair ribbon and shoes but we had no white woolen tights and couldn’t see any in the shops, so have used the next best thing….bought a pair of white leggings from Primark for £3. Spent yesterday drawing the squares on and painting in with the Dylon Fabric Paint, pink and blue. Wow! It looks good. Just waiting for it all to dry and fingers crossed it will look good for Thursday. I must thank you for your idea with the tights and the fab pictures because if I hadn’t seen them and read your comments above, I am quite sure that I wouldn’t have thought to have customise tights/leggings myself. We have a tiger felt cut out from when we went to see the stage play last year so that’s good. I think us Mums’ should start a petition for Sophie style pink, white and blue tights to be manufactured and sold for all would be Sophies 🙂

    • mrspeacock1 Says:

      Hi Julia,
      Thank you for your lovely comment, I am so pleased you had the confidence to give this a go, and white leggings is a brilliant work around. Hope your daughter enjoys world book day.

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