Raspberry Jam

September 22, 2011

Granny and Papa Peacock are on holiday so we went to Papa’s allotment at the weekend to do some scrumping. The prize of the visit was 1.2kg of a mixture of raspberries and loganberries, which I turned into a delicious jam.

I am guessing that the mixture was about half and half, and it was a little over 1.2kg so I used 1kg of sugar and one sachet of pectin powder for the jam. Smushing the fruit with a potato masher in the pan first then adding the sugar and pectin and bringing up to a rolling boil and boiling for 5 mins. Then I put half straight into sterilised jars and pushed the 2nd half through a sieve to remove most of the pips (my fussy kids!) before getting it into the jars.

I am guessing that the delay in potting up, has probably lessened the cupboard time of the pip free jars, but I don’t think that will  be a problem, I keep opened jars of homemade jam in the fridge anyways and I really don’t think this one is going to last very long – it is delicious! It tastes amazing, reminds me of jam from my childhood, and would make an excellent Victoria Sponge Filling, if I get round to that before it all gets scoffed. Just look at how happy Alice is with her Raspberry jam on toast!


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