Ice Lollies

July 5, 2011

We have been making these for a few years now, they are particulary popular in summer but my kids will eat them all year round, I like them as it increases their fruit intake and is a sneaky way to get the BBB (Beyond the Best Before) fruit eaten.

I got the moulds a few years ago from Ikea, I assume they still do them, I like these as the shape makes it pretty easy to release the lollies from the moulds (just warm them in your hand and give the ‘stick’ a wiggle) and are a pretty good size (not too big) also the shape of the ‘stick’ holds the lolly even when good and melty, so no hysterical children crying over a pile of fruit slush on the floor!

I basically make a fruit smoothie to freeze into lollies and use whatever I have to hand but they all have a banana as a base fruit (they make the lollies less ‘ice cube solid’) and apple juice to thin out the mix. Today we used up some strawberries that were past their firmness, but I ususally keep some frozen mango and raspberries in the house and use them from frozen. (I quite like sainsbury’s basics frozen fruit salad for good value.) The girls get involved by putting the lolly moulds in the holder, peeling the banana, tasting the fruit, helping to hold the bender and popping the sticks into the poured mixture.

The banana, soft/frozen fruit and a good glug of apple juice all go in a measuring jug and get blitzed up with the hand blender, with the secret ingredient – a splash of undiluted no added sugar squash. This makes the mixture super sweet and the finished lollies more like the bought ones, (have you ever drunk melted calipo?) but without the sugar.


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