‘Printed’ shopping bags

January 13, 2011

Happy New Year! It has been too long since my last post, the chaos of the Christmas festivities have provided many posting ideas but none of them actually committed to the written word!

I made these shopping bags as Christmas presents, we filled them with various ‘hamper’ produce (some homemade and some bought) for various friends. Even tough she is getting more and more grown up all the time Martha still finds it quite hard to commit to making multiple items, the novelty wears off after the first one or maybe two, so I find transferring her artwork onto a easily repeatable medium stops me feeling like I have her in a sweatshop. She printed a very pretty composition of pink stars onto some yellow craft paper, using a star shape cookie cutter. The I scanned the image and printed it onto iron on transfer paper and then ironed them onto plain canvas shopping bags I bought from Midpac (www.midpac.co.uk) they were £10.65 for 10, so £1.65 each – plus postage. The bought the iron-on transfer paper from ebay sometime ago but it wasn’t expensive, you just print your image (I have a standard domestic inkjet) cut out the design peel off the backing paper cover it with the ‘greaseproof’ paper it comes with and voila! I iron these on a pillowcase on the kitchen worktop so it is not too squishy underneath and hold a hot iron on the design for 30 secs. I think they would make nice gifts on their own, but filled with goodies they became a re-usable gift bag.


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