Christmas Bird Decorations

December 2, 2010

The Christmas Fairies left a pack of 4 new glitter tubes in the Advent Calendar this morning (along with 2 equal sized chocolate coins and 2 identical Father Christmas Stickers – there is no need for an argument first thing in the morning!). And as luck would have it Mummy (me) had managed to cut out 4 birds from mountboard the night before. So we decided to cover them in glitter to make Christmas tree decorations.

We found some embroidery silk (left over from my enormous bag of them found in a charity shop in the summer – see, and cut 4 lengths to be used as the loops to hang them from. We picked an aquamarine colour, doubled it over and stuck the cut ends to the bird with sellotape. Then Martha liberally painted the whole surface of one side of each bird with PVA glue and sprinked that with glitter one colour each for each of the birds so we got royal blue, gold, purple and dark pink (the Christmas Fairies picked up the glitter pack in Sainsbury during the late night big shop on Monday – didn’t get round to the online order this week!).

Then I pegged them by their hanging string onto a wire radiator drying rack, until they were dry enough to glue and glitter the other side of the birds. And we had to make a glitter picture too. I used mount-board as the base for these birds as I had some in the house and am not afraid of a craft knife/scalpel to cut them out with, but I think you could easily use corrugated/box cardboard or some other stiff card that would stand up to the sogginess of the glue and glitter, that you could cut with sharp scissors. The ‘eye’ was punched using a desktop hole punch, just wedge the board in under one of the cutters and smash down hard on it, the quicker you can do it the cleaner the cut.

Despite trying to contain the glitter as much as possible my whole house is now a little bit sparkly, it actually looks quite festive already!


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