Pink Cat Costume

November 1, 2010

Martha wanted to be a Pink Cat for Halloween this year. Where are you supposed to get a pink cat costume from? It was time to get out the sewing machine.

I bought the pattern online, I probably could have made one up, but would have wasted an acre of fabric, sometimes the economical solution is to spend some money and follow the instructions. I usually get my patterns 2nd hand from ebay, but this was much too tricky so I found someone selling this butterick pattern new on ebay, google searched the number and found someone selling it for half the ebay price! I shopped around but still couldn’t find any bargain pink fun fur, or fleece, so settled for super naff, crushed velour, new and by the metre from ebay for £2.99 per metre, plus postage.

Its a fairly complicated pattern consisting of a universal jumpsuit, a hood, mittens and spats (to go over your shoes – I could not be bothered with these!). I did tweak the pattern slightly, making the opening at the back and making it overlap so I could use velcro instead of a zip and add a lighter pink patch for a ‘tummy’. I also added a light pink tip to the tail, light pink inside the ears and (my favorite) light pink pads and paws on the mittens. I cut rough patterns for these, (so they 2 sides matched) cut them out, then applied them with bondaweb. It took me a while with the iron but I think it was worth it, without these details, from a distance she could have been wearing a velour hoodie tracksuit with a tail! (As I type that I think, I could have just bought her one of those and ironed on the detail bits, saving me and my mum the best part of a day at the sewing machine!).

Anyways it looks brilliant I am more than pleased and Martha loves it, although she does insist on stopping taking when she is in it and incessantly meowing instead, and REFUSED to have a photo taken in it, hence the rather ropey phone pic above. And then came down with a mystery illness with sore throat and raging temperature for her nursery Halloween party! Hopefully I made it big enough to fit her for next year too.

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