Paper Doll

October 21, 2010

Check out these gorgeous, genius, re-usuable, fabric paper dolls!

I discovered the fabric at my mum’s local craft/fabric/haberdashery emporium ‘the cheap shop’ in Tiptree, Essex (, a panel of the fabric cost £5.40, and has 8 gorgeous vintage looking dolls each with a pet friend and a couple of outfits.

Today we made one of the dolls, Martha chose the one she wanted to make, and I roughly cut them out of the panel. I used bondaweb to stick some super stiff interfacing to the back of the doll and her pet dog, then carefully cut them out, then backed the clothes with a normal iron on interfacing and cut them out too. I pressed the ‘tabs’ on the clothes as you would fold the paper tabs on the original versions.

I think these were the quickest easiest toy we have ever made, no sewing just ironing, and ready in about 10 mins. I plan to make the other dolls as reuested or they would make lovely presents (christmas is fast approaching!)

The fabric is called ‘Aunt Lindy’s Paper Dolls’ and a quick google search found me loads of shops selling the panels online, although the cheap shop is well worth a visit!

3 Responses to “Paper Doll”

  1. Barry Wiffen Says:

    Hi sarah,

    Sadly the panel you have made a feature of, has come to an end. The maker has run out of stock and they had a problem with their next delivery. As it would take at least 3 months to get new stocks they had to call it a day!

    Best reqards


    • mrspeacock1 Says:

      That’s a little bit sad, but still available from other sources online – I think I may have been responsible for the demise of the last piece. Martha will have to look after them.

  2. Barry Wiffen Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Please ignore my last email as we have just had a delivery from makower and they have managed to find us another piece of the doll panel!
    So we do now have a bit more stock at the moment.
    Best regards

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