Red Fish/Poisson Rouge

July 28, 2010

I promised to do a post on red fish before, so here it is -sorry about the delay! A wonderful friend -who is a primary school teacher put me onto this site, it is genius. My 3 and 1/2 year old can navigate her way around this site all on her own has taught her basic computer skills, quite detailed mouse control/motor skills/hand and eye coordination –  and countless other stuff that she is just picking up. When we visited the Tate modern she knew the Jackson Pollock work from Red Fish’s gallery page. When she broke her collar bone and we had to take her for an x-ray she knew exactly what it was based on her interactions with ‘x’ for x-ray on the English alphabet page! – They have the alphabet in English, Spanish, Greek, American, and French and there are vocabulary lessons in Greek, American, French, English and Chinese! As well as numbers, maths, stories, songs and games, it seems to be completely endless, and best of all Martha loves it and it’s free!

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