July 25, 2010

Another Day out during Mr Peacock’s week off was a trip to the seaside. We were looking for a proper British ‘bucket and spade’ seaside town, with a sandy beach, amusements and a good chippy, and Littlehampton was recommended to us. We got down there about lunchtime and headed for the west beach, and could not understand why there was just a small pebbly bit of beach, until it clicked that it was high tide, one of those extra high summer tides so no sand whatsoever, we could see a small bit of yellow sand over on the east beach so stopped for lunch at the excellent ‘West Beach Cafe’, it’s posher ‘East Beach Cafe’ shaped like an oyster shell, we could see on the other side of the River Arun. It was lovely. We had a smashing lunch of fish/sausages/thai fishcakes and really good chips. Martha scoffed her lunch – which makes a change. (

We had a little wander about the sand dunes looking for the wildlife highlighted on the information boards, then headed over to the little stretch of sand on the East Beach. Martha went swimming while Alice and I dug in the sand, but the weather was a bit grim and Martha got very cold so we went to the ‘Harbour Park’ amusements. Alice had a little nap in her pushchair and Martha had a ride on the gallopers and a little car that went round and round and up and down, 3 year old heaven. You have to buy tokens for the rides at the harbour park and as they sell them in round numbers and take various amounts on each of the rides you could find yourself bringing a few home. We had ice creams and then as the sun came out and the tide went out, back to the beach to build sandcastles.

Littlehampton was a lovely day out, its a really charming, quiet pretty beach town. How much more ‘British Seaside’ can you get?

3 Responses to “Littlehampton”

  1. Andrew Spong Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your sojourn in my hometown, and come back to see us again soon 🙂 @andrewspong

  2. ipontificate Says:

    .. and it is accessible to any one needing a long rest (or the world’s longest bench!)

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