Treacle Krispie Cakes

July 7, 2010

I know everybody makes ‘Rice Krispie’ cakes, but this is my emergency child baking recipe that gets Martha away from the telly so fast you’d think the football had come on! It uses stuff I have in my baking cupboard unlike the chocolate/marshmallow ones (anyone who has these to hand is a weirdo, I might buy these in especially but if they are knocking around for more than a few hours they will disappear into someone’s tummy – usually mine)
I have called them Treacle Krispie cakes as they are made with golden syrup that my husband insists is treacle even though it plainly says golden syrup on the tin – his point is that black treacle is the black version and this is used in treacle sponge and treacle tart etc.
I have never written this down and cannot remember ever having measured any of it – its all guess work, but here is my estimated recipe, melt a large knob of butter (25g) with 2 tablespoons of golden syrup and 2 tbsp of sugar – I use golden caster but white would do. I usually bring this to a boil to make sure all the sugar is melted. Meanwhile in a huge bowl pour about 2 adult breakfasts worth of ‘rice krispies’ (everyone knows the proper snap, crackle and pop ones just taste better!), and find a small child to mix well with a big wooden spoon. Remove the bowl from the child and add the stupidly hot golden syrup mixture and mix again. (it cools fairly quickly but be careful) and spoon it into papercases. On days with more time we decorate them with mini smarties, sprinkles, raisins whatever you can find. Small child will now need to taste them while still warm and very sticky!

Here is a pdf of the recipe if you want to download it;

Treacle Krispie Cakes

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