Cardboard Box Car

June 23, 2010

At the beginning of last week the weather was pretty rubbish and we needed an entertainment for the one arm girl, fortunately her new car seat had arrived the previous week and the novelty of simply sitting in the box was starting to wear off. We decided to turn it into a car. The basic shape was achieved by using the front flap as the windscreen and cutting the side flaps at an angle to support the front piece, removing the rest of the side flaps from where it looked OK. Use a serrated bread knife to cut cardboard, sharp kitchen knives will be ruined and scissors are too tricky, just hack away with a bread knife making sure little ‘helpful’ fingers are well out of the way. We used masking tape to stick the windscreen flap and the side flaps together – we had a view to painting this car outside when the weather allowed but the car came to its natural demise long before the weather got better. The off cuts of the flaps we used to make the wheels and the steering wheel and column. I used a sideplate as a template. We cut a door, and a petrol filler cap. Then drew on it with marker pen until we planned to paint it. Later we used a kitchen roll tube as a petrol pump – between the sofa and the chair was the garage.

After a day or two the constant climbing in and out and dragging it over the floor the box and my tolerance of it taking up so much space was wearing thin, so it went to the recycle bin and never did get painted.

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