Tate Modern

June 14, 2010

So we finally took Martha (and Alice) to the Tate Modern for a day out on Sunday. Martha broke her collar bone a week ago and I am struggling to find things to do with a 3 year old with one arm. I have been meaning to take her for ages, I love a trip to a gallery or exhibition and hope that both my girls will love it too – or at least find something of interest in the experience so I can carry on poking about the artworks of the world without too much of a fight! So the pressure was on to make her first memorable experience be a good one. (I have taken her a few times before but she was very small since Alice, we have not been round any major gallery spaces.)

I did some groundwork with the Tate website http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/explore/. You can set up your own tour, browsing the artworks for relevant works and adding them to your ‘tour’ for when you visit. I picked works by Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Piet Modrian and Bridget Riley, among others. Partly because some of these artists are featured in the gallery on ‘poissonrouge.com’ (any mum who has not discovered this gem – post about it to follow soon). So we took a picnic, and ate it on the patch of grass between the building and the thames, which was lovely. Then we went inside for a poke about. On a weekend (12-4ish?) the Tate offer a scheme called start, which offers free games for kids to play around the galleries, Martha was not inerested but I am sure many other kids would be, you can find a desk with a ‘menu’ of games for various ages between the 2 galleries on level 3. However the prep we had done and the little tour was more than enough to keep my 3.5 year old and me happy, especially as (with a raised voice because of the slight echo) she would find a painting on her tour and announce to the room “mummy we have this one at home”. Her favourite painting was the Bridget Riley that ‘made her eyes go funny’!

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