Cute as a button

June 14, 2010

I had the idea for a cute as a (button) t-shirt for a while and then was lucky enough to find a monster bag of embroidery silks and needles in a local charity shop for £2! The t-shirt came from tesco in a pack of 4 different colours and I fished the button out of the spares box. I printed the text in a simple script font and traced it through the t-shirt with a pencil. Then ’embroidered’ a running stitch over the text. The photo above is of my working out which of my cache of lovely coloured silks I wanted to use. I used the full thickness of silks not splitting them up (as I was always told to do) so had to use a needle with a fat hole and very pointy end.

I was very pleased with the result, a very simple t-shirt and a little bit different to the ones you see in the shops, and Alice likes to fiddle with the button and try and chew on it (she STILL doesn’t have any teeth!) – I hope I have stitched it on properly I don’t want her to swallow it, although I guess we would have the same problem with any of her tops with buttons on them!

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